For a precise and exact metering of lubricants

Dispensing Valve for Grease and Oil

METER MIX® Dispensing Valve

METER MIX® dispensing valves are used for processing low to high viscose media. Adjusting the position of the needle in relation to its seat can control the size of the outlet orifice, thus giving control of the flow rate of the material.

Product Features

  • Adjustable orifice for flow control
  • High pressure handling capacity

Technical Data

Product Code   80101 80102
Internal diameter mm 2 6
Maximum flow rate
at 50.000 mPa s
l/min 1 5
Material viscosity mPa s 10-200.000 10-200.000
Working pressure (P work) bar 250 250
Maximum pressure (P max) bar 315 315

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