For a perfect dosing of Lubricants

Chamber Metering Valve for Grease & Oil

METER MIX® Chamber Metering Valve

The chamber metering valve from METER MIX® is constructed with a metering chamber, whose size is adjustable for the required metering volume.

Product Features

  • Adjustable metering volume
  • High-precision, repeatable metering
  • Pneumatic control
  • Snuff back effect

Technical Data

Product Code   81501 81502
Metering Volume ml 0,05-0,5 0,1-3,0
Material viscosity mPa s 1.000-1.000.000 1.000-1.000.000
Material input
pressure (P work)
bar 40-80 40-80
Maximum pressure
(P max)
bar 150 150

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