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Metering and mixing systems for bonding, sealing and potting

For the processing of epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, polysulphides and methacrylate based resins, as well as greases and oils, METER MIX® offers metering, mixing and dispensing machines which are precise, reliable and easy to handle. Learn more about our solutions for bonding, sealing and potting in various industries.

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Adhesive bonding of composite parts for space rockets

Space rockets have to withstand extreme forces. Composite parts provide an effective solution, as they are very robust and resilient. 

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Potting of filter endcaps

A new metering and mixing system allows to customer to optimize the potting process of filter endcaps and to increase the production. 

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Flexible filling of cartridges or syringes with adhesives

With the PAR 20C metering and mixing machine, customers can fill cartridges or syringes very quickly and flexibly in-house. 

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Electronic potting of medical equipment

During the production of the subsea ultrasound transducers components has to be encapsulated with a two-component epoxy. METER MIX® provided an optimal solution for the potting application.

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